Counseling Rates

  • Consultation: FREE – 20 minute phone call
  • Individual Counseling:
    • Brittney Grammer: $110 – 50 minute session
    • Maggie O’Connor: $120 – 50 minute session
    • Ashley Klein: $100 – 50 minute session
    • Rebecca Winn: $120 – 50 minute session
  • Family Counseling:
    • Maggie O’Connor: $160 – 80 minute session
    • Ashley Klein: $140 – 80 minute session
    • Rebecca Winn: $160 – 80 minute session
  • EMDR: 
    • Rebecca Winn: $120 – 50 minute session; $160 – 80 minute session
    • Ashley Klein: $100 – 50 minute session; $140 – 80 minute session
  • Equine Therapy
    • Rebecca Winn: $130 – 60 minute session; $170 – 80 minute session
  • Other Services
    • Parent Consultation(for children): $55-30 minute consultation
    • Check-in Phone Call: $55 – 30 minutes
    • Therapy Recap Write-up: $50 per recap
    • Court or Writing Assessments: $150-250 per hour (travel, writing, research, court appearance)

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation for a scheduled appointment will require a 24-hour notice.

Any cancellation made less than 24 hours in advance will be charged for the full amount of their session.

Insurance at Courage to Connect

We do not work directly with any insurance providers.

If you would like to use your insurance, we can act as an out-of-network provider.

How this works is: you may request that provide you with monthly insurance-ready statements (called Superbills) and you submit the bill to your insurance and they can reimburse you for what they cover for mental health services based on their rates.

We do not accept insurance because we believe in keeping confidentiality with our clients. Here are some reasons we do not work with directly with insurance:

  • Using insurance gives the insurance companies the right to review any personal information discussed in session which includes: your treatment plan, your history, your personal struggles, and your personal goals.
  • Insurance companies typically require that I make a diagnosis which may be carried over in your record and effect different areas of need later in life.
  • With this diagnosis, your insurance can dictate the number of sessions they will allow or decide whether therapy is even necessary.

We cannot work with people who have Medicaid as an insurance. Per law, people with Medicaid cannot pay for services out of pocket. We are happy to help you find a provider within your network if you are having a hard time finding a provider.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.