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There are many different types of therapists that a person may seek. There are life coaches, psychiatrists, guidance counselors, psychologists, professional counselors, and social workers. Below I will list a very brief synopsis of what each of the following specializes in:

Psychiatrist: A physician who specializes in diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses. They have a license to prescribe psychiatric medication for patients with mental illnesses and must possess a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (O.D.) degree.

Psychologist: A professional who specializes in evaluation and study of behavior and mental processes. In the US a Psychologist must possess a doctorate degree.

Professional Counselors (LPC & LMFT): A professional who specializes in the treatment of individuals, couples, families, and groups for mental, behavioral, and emotional problems and disorders. This professional must possess and masters degree.

School Counselors: A professional who specializes in providing academic, career, college preparation and personal/social aptitudes to K-12 students. This professional must possess a masters degree.

Social Workers: A professional that specializes in improving social functioning of individuals, families, couples, groups, and communities through research, policy planning, community development, ensuring social welfare and security for those involved. This professional may possess either a bachelors degree or a masters degree.

Life Coaches: A professional who specializes in helping people identify and achieve personal goals. This professional is not required to possess a degree.

It is very important that when looking for mental health help that you chose the correct form of help. Each mental health professional offers different forms of help.

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