About Courage to Connect

The desire of Courage to Connect Counseling is to meet each person with compassion, encouragement, love, understanding, hope, and authenticity. Our goal is that you walk out of our office knowing your inner strengths and having the courage to pursue meaningful connections with yourself, others, and the world around you.

Mission Statement


Courage to Connect’s mission is to provide high quality mental health services to children, teens, adults and families as you walk through life’s toughest journeys. We will help you find the courage to overcome, peace in the midst of your struggle, connection in the chaos of life, beauty in the darkness, and the strength and power to love yourself and others. One step at a time, we will help you take life’s adversities and build a stronger, more stable future.

Counseling Hours


Monday-Friday 9AM to 6PM     &    Saturday 9AM to 4PM

  • Please note that sessions are made by appointment only.
  • Please be aware that days and times vary per counselor.
  • Please feel free to schedule here or contact us to set up your appointment.

Connection is why we are here. We are hardwired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

–Brene Brown

Counseling Services

  • Individual Counseling
    • Children
    • Adolescents
    • Young Adults
    • Adults
  • Relationship Counseling
    • Parent/Child
  • Group Counseling
    • DBT Groups
    • Animal-Assisted Groups
    • Support Groups
    • Trauma Recovery Groups


Counseling Specialties

  • Trauma
    • Complex/Developmental
    • PTSD
    • Single Incident
  • Anxiety
    • Racing Thoughts
    • Panic Attacks
    • Overwhelming Stress
  • Grief & Loss
    • Loved Ones/Pets
    • Life Tranistion
  • Spiritual Direction
    • Seeking Truth
    • Purpose & Meaning
    • Deepening
  • Shame
    • Self-Worth
    • Self-Love & Respect

  • Identity Development
    • Building Confidence
    • Self-Awareness
    • Purpose & Meaning
  • Life Transitions
    • Relationships
    • Career
    • Family
  • Depression
    • Low Energy
    • Sadness
  • Forgiveness
    • Rebuilding Trust
    • Repairing Relationships

Courage to Connect’s Counselors

Rebecca Winn MA, LPC, NCC, GEP


Not Currently Accepting New Clients

Danielle Bartos MA, LPCC

Employee-Counselor Candidate

Currently Accepting New Client in Office and Equine

Brittney Grammer MA, LPC, NCC


Not Currently Accepting New Clients

Amanda Coleman

Counseling Intern

Currently Accepting New Clients at a Sliding Scale

Ashley Klein MA, LPCC

Employee- Counselor Candidate

Not Currently Accepting New Clients

Christina Devore

Counseling Intern

Not Currently Accepting New Clients

Courage to Connect’s Beliefs

We work with people of all backgrounds, religious and non-religious. We hold no judgment for anyone and the journey they are currently walking through, and every person is welcome where they are in the moment, regardless of their faith or religious beliefs. By the ethics we uphold within the counseling profession, we cannot morally or ethically impose our values upon any person who walks into our office. Each individual’s strongest desire to integrate or not integrate spirituality will be held by that individual and respected by each counselor at Courage to Connect. We will never impose our values or belief system on anyone, and we welcome any conversation regarding the topic of spirituality and beliefs. The conversation of spirituality is held directly within the hands of each individual that walks into our office.