Maggie’s Experience

During my time at graduate school, I was provided three different clinical experiences. The first was working alongside other graduate students to staff the Counseling and Educational Services Clinic. This clinic is jointly operated between the Clinical Mental Health graduate students and the School Counseling graduate students and overseen by professors of the program. During my clinic experience, I was able to see a small handful of clients on a weekly basis and be observed by a live observation team during the session to receive immediate feedback. I was also able to participate in this observation team and learn from my fellow graduate students as I provided feedback on their clinical skills.

I fulfilled my practicum experience at North Middle School. During this experience I was able to hold a caseload of ten students with a variety of mental health issues such as Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. I met with these students weekly to address social and emotional issues interfering with academic performance. I also developed counseling plans and short-term counseling goals with each student to discuss during sessions through goal focused activities. During this first practicum experience I worked under the supervision of a licensed professional counselor.

My clinical intern experience was at Mount Saint Vincent home where I provided case management and individual therapy to primary clients. I also provided adjunct Animal-Assisted therapy to a small caseload of clients, co-facilitated family therapy with licensed clinicians, and planned and facilitated group therapy for day treatment and residential clients. I was able to create treatment plans and interventions for my clients as well as supervise weekly animal-assisted education reading groups. I worked under the supervision of a licensed clinical social worker during my internship experience.


My previous work experience has included a position as a Child Protection Therapist at Savio here in Denver. In this role, I had the opportunity to provide family preservation and/ or reunification services to referred clients, facilitate family meetings, and create strength based treatment plans and interventions for families. This allowed me to develop skills in family therapy, individual therapy, supervising visitations between parents and their biological children, as well as providing parenting/life skills coaching. Being able to assist families in creating a safe and nurturing environment for their children and working in collaboration with other agencies to ensure families were receiving appropriate support that allowed for children to remain in the home was an invaluable and rewarding experience. During my time at Savio I was also trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This evidence-based model focuses on decreasing trauma symptoms through psychoeducation, relaxation training, feelings identification, cognitive coping, creating a trauma narrative, and parent coaching.


I am currently working as an Animal-Assisted Therapist at Mount Saint Vincent Home. This position allows me to serve in several different roles, but my primary focus is providing individual and family therapy as well as adjunct animal-assisted therapy to clients in a residential and day treatment setting. I also have experience in planning and facilitating group therapy, coordinating equine therapy and horticultural therapy programs, offering crisis response in the residential and school setting, and serving as a task supervisor for animal-assisted clinical interns.