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Family Holiday Advent Calendar

By December 1, 2019Counseling

Family Holiday Advent Calendar

We all want holidays to be a time to remember full of love and laughter. Being surrounded by family or friends can often bring closeness, joy, and memories to cherish. For a lot of individuals holidays bring up sadness and grief along with a lot of additional stress and worries. It is hard to miss our loved one’s day to day, but holidays seem to heighten those feelings and emotions. One of the ways we can work through those feelings is to surround ourselves with loved ones. I also understand that for some being around family or friends can add onto that stress so finding that balance here will be important. Finding others that we can connect with, share memories with, laugh with, and purely enjoy each other’s company can provide some healing on the challenging days. I know that from my own experience gathering with family and playing games, sharing stories, listening to music or whatever it is, always brings love and laughter into my heart and soul. So I wanted to create a family holiday event calendar that you can either follow day to day or you can mix it up and choose one that fits for you that day. Remember this event calendar is not supposed to add additional stress, the goal is to relieve some of it. So, making it work for you and your family is what is important. My hope in creating this is to provide a little bit of structure throughout each day of something fun you all can do together that brings connection, love, and support through this holiday month. Enjoy each other’s company, authenticity, and build memories to cherish. Know that it is okay to feel the way that you do there is no right or wrong way. Also, please know that if you are struggling or know of a family member that is struggling this holiday season you do not have to struggle alone, we are here to help at Courage to Connect Counseling.


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 Color a picture 2 Share Christmas wish lists 3 Write letters or notes to loved ones 4 Do a puzzle together 5 Sing together 6 Play a board game 7 Make decorations and hang them
8 Go for a family walk 9 Create cards or gifts 10 Share memories of loved ones 11 Make dinner as a family 12 Take silly pictures together 13 Watch a movie together 14 Play charades
15 Spend time with family friends 16 Go through toys and donate ones that are no longer used 17 Paint rocks 18 Have a dance party 19 Tell stories together 20 Choose an event to attend together 21 Bake together
22 Drive around to see Christmas lights 23 Have a family meal 24 Read a holiday book 25 Enjoy presents and give thanks 26 Make Breakfast together 27 Build a snowman 28 Go sledding
29 Play Games 30 Have a living room picnic 31 Cheers to the New Year        



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