Erica’s Experience

I have a range of experience from working with adolescents, families and couples, young adults, and older adults. I started working with troubled youth in a residential facility helping them develop healthier coping skills so they could manage their emotions in a healthier way as well as teaching them healthier ways of communicating with others.  

During grad school, my first internship was with an organization that teaches pregnant women how to take care of themselves while pregnant and how to take care of the baby once he/she is born. The organization is also able to help women obtain the necessary items they need for their baby.  

During the second part of my internship, I worked in a substance abuse program helping individuals and families understand their addictions while also learning healthier ways to cope with life’s stress. Healthy communication skills were also taught so individuals would feel more confident in their ability to interact with others.  

For the past four years, I have worked in the community mental health setting and helped individuals learn how to cope with their depression, anxiety, Bipolar disorder, and addictions. I was able to help individuals manage symptoms of Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective disorder by doing reality testing with them. I co-facilitated a Cognitive Behavorial Therapy (CBT) for Depression and Anxiety group to help individuals learn healthy ways to manage their symptoms of depression and anxiety. I also co-facilitated a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Behavioral skills group which taught on the different skills DBT teaches to help individuals manage their emotions. I have helped individuals work through past trauma including attachment, developmental, and complex trauma. I have also helped individuals going through life transitions, identity work, and finding meaning in their life.